Back from Games Week

Well, what a surprise. Games Week was fantastic. There were over 60,000 people in three days. What a turnout!!! We expected 10 o 20 thousand but not 60.

The event was quite good. White Milk Games had a stand to show Endless Boss Fight next to the other 9 teams selected by AESVI to show what the Italian Indie Game scene can make. The doors would open every day at 9:30 AM and till 7:30 PM there was a constant flow of people. People tried EBF nearly non stop for the 3 days. We got lots of helpful feedback, compliments and suggestions.

As an event we really couldn’t have asked more. We want to thank again AESVI for the organization and IndieVault for the contest.

Please also check some of the games we loved the most.

 Games Week



Ruzerek first ever breaking DR 2000

While hanging in the chat Ruzerek broke the 2000 DR barrier. That’s just sick!!

Congrats Ruzerek!!

Endless Working!


The White Milk Team in a secret spot while working on Endless Boss Fight

Endless Boss Fight Announcement Trailer Out Now

Here is the trailer of Endless Boss Fight!