Hello guys!

As you might have noticed, unfortunately we are not regular blog posters; but sometimes, in one way or the other, we are able to resurrect from the graves! :) And we came back to life to tell you how things are going on our side and to have the pleasure to involve you in our projects.

Right now lots of DDs and a multitude of BOSSes are fighting the endless fight for the immense Glory. Seeing all of you gamers around the world enjoying and playing EBF is making us proud and satisfied about the great feedback we got. Thank you for being passionate about the game and thank you for letting us know your ideas, your thoughts, suggestions to further improving EBF. Thank you all!

While EBF continues on his road, we started working on a new fantastic game that we are looking forward for you to try. It will be a game completely different from EBF, but we bet you’ll be satisfied about the result :)

For now we can only tell you that it will be a game with great graphics, a very exciting story, engaging game mechanics and a remarkable depth that will keep you glued to the screen!

We can not tell you anything more yet, but we just wanted to put a flea in yours ears to make you curious ! :)

See ya to the next post! And we hope to be able to show you a little taste of the new project!